Welcome to my world

Of Visual Stories


Karen is an award winning mixed media artist, illustrator and author.  

Her mediums are as diverse as metal, mosaic, wood and thread. 

Karen originally trained in fashion design, gaining a foundation, diploma, degree and masters using textiles.

This is mixed with training in counselling and therapeutic application of the arts at the Institure of arts and therapy in Education. 

Many years down the line,

I realised that I have come full circle, the process of exploration, to create whole stories,  reflecting upon the time and culture that i am looking at still resonates.

However, now I have the input of new technologies which i marry with traditional artistic mediums.

The subjects may initialy appear diverse; ranging from pirates to pinups, florals to fish and producing imagery or objects that convey this.

the stories are imbued with subtle undertones, hidden layers and meaning.

the making process is an important element, and can have multiple steps to completition.

final work may compile several layers of imagery, photographed separately and then layered using digital applications.

each layer being a stand alone image or used as part of a final design.

I liker to mix paintings with stitch work for texture and depth. each image may take months to complete. 

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